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[19 Aug 2004|09:14pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hey well i decided to update on this one for the last last time before i delete it,just in case you didnt know i have a new lj

The name is


Its friends only so comment to be added bitches!



[14 Aug 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | sad ]


The html on this live journal is no longer working properly.

So i decided to leave this one, :-(

Blahh this sucks.




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Friends only cut! [11 Aug 2004|02:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Friends only from now on!


Because i want to.

  1. Add me first then comment to be kept/added
  2. You will not be added if you wont add me first or comment
  3. I dont have to add you if i dont want to

Thats about it.

Now its time for the friends only banner.




Are you ready??




3 1/2

im so annoying hehe




Hot eh? well thats the old guy in the yellow sports suit from my older update! only when he was young and much hotter! kekeke..

His words of inspiration..

"There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, Georgie, Pete and Dim. And we sat in the Korova Milk bar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening. The Korova sold milk plus, milk plus velocet, synthemesc or drencrom which was what we were drinking. And this would sharpen you up for a bit of the old ultraviolence"


New layout.. Keeper or Lose it?

summer school is almost out!


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No pun intended [10 Aug 2004|01:12pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]



Orrs birthday was yesterday! so happy birthday to her! i love her soooo much..

For the occasion,Orr,Dolia,Shawn,Meital and I went to cpk @ topenga mall.

After the wonderful Dinner we walked around the mall,while getting in the elevator we smelled something really really funny and we realized some asian kid farted in there right when we got it.We sufficated kekeke..

Sunday me n orr went to get her bat mitzvah dress woowww its gorgeous! i got one too its cute but not as cute as orrs.im burrowing my aunts digital camera for her bat mitzvah so then ill post pics on august 23 yipeee!

Saturday i went to mountasia with orr and this other kid..we had a great time!

Summer school is over tuesday alllright!

Family guy kicks ass.

[note to self: If i ever want to break the hispanic guy street/car im-whisteling-because-youre-hot record skateboard to reseda again]

i saw alyssa today after summer school hehe


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w00t [07 Aug 2004|01:50pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


I just got back from Ryan Ahdoots bar mitzvah i had such a great time with Lilah,and i finally got to see Evan again i missed him and ofcourse i missed  Ryan way too much.(im over him dont worry) And not forgetting  i finally got to meet Kathy Do woah shes so gorgeous!I wish i was as preety as her.

Yah so yesterday i went to the galleria with Orranush! it was great i saw Monte after 948678947847 years and i saw davis oh ma gah hes the hottest kid everrr!!!!



Collapse )

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[03 Aug 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

See the idiot walkCollapse )

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Blahhh [31 Jul 2004|08:43am]
[ mood | Bored ]

First,news flash i have a community dedicated for family guy well mostly Glen Quagmire!

Join please


Yeah so my descision about Alicia is final,Though shes moving soon i decided not to be friends with her for now!

Okay enough about that..

I went to soak city today.That park is th cheesiest water park ever.

Oh yeah yesterday Hanna came over yesterday.We went skating and started laughing so hard when we watched bruce almighty!!! ya that movie is wayy cool!

Plus,id like to thank everyone for sticking up for me like that i never knew people actually cared about me so much!

And alicia,i hope youre happy cause just because of you i cant watch Family Guy anymore and you know its my life!!!!




<3 x 64938247905843




Harry Potter!!!

Michael:jorden Me:yes Michael:what would you do if ryan and Evan were hanging from a cliff and you could only save one of them who would that be Me:definatly ryan Michael:and then after you save Ryan and Evan dies Ryan addmits hes gay. Me:......... Yes thats one of the many michael jorden laugh your ass off conversations.
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You can go in alone.. [26 Jul 2004|04:46pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Why hi there!

I decided to update so here i am...

Today wasent too pleasent i guess,all thanks to Eldad spreading bullshit and Ryan actually beliving it yea so im under major pressure. I thought i stopped liking Ryan. Turns out that maybe im not over him. Golly gee i sound really desparate and stupid.

Yep, you got that right i AM desparate and stupid!  + i cant belive he thinks im a liar...thanx Alicia and Eldad i owe you guys!you two tottaly ruin everything and by the way Alicia thank you for letting my dad know i tried merijuana it really really helped me get in trouble. i hope your happy Alicia aka my wanna be mom. Ryan if youre reading this im really sorry if you thought im lieing to you. i did everything BUT  anything bad including lieing. Youre a great friend and i dont want rumors to get to your mind so quickly..I really really like you and our friendship means almost everything to me.And if ill lose it i dont know what ill do.

I love Lilah & Ryan

And again Props to Eldad and Alicia.

Alrightyyy im off to pedlow...

Comment <3

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:] [23 Jul 2004|12:54pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

With glory comes angst

with fame comes obsession

Punk rock and cameras

Fans and friends

Your appearence makes my soul linger

 your smile never fades to the million shots of light

Screams of obsession and jealousy on a red carpet

Handsome youth shall never leave our memories

Spells like teen spirit.Collapse )

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Gay technology.. [21 Jul 2004|02:40pm]
[ mood | energetic ]


Its a zero deck with an independant truck and death box anarchy wheels

man its KICKASS!


If you wanna go skateboarding sometime call me....705 4009

Well, summer schools a bitch, and im starting to shoot the movie on september 20 . Fun?


Peach pleasure from jamba juice is heaven

Thank you very much mister.

Comment or me and my pink cows will get you tonight...



By the way, I havent been online for so long because i have a virus on my other computer so for now ill use my moms and destroy it as well <3


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[18 Jul 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

1. First best friend: Mor ( i lived in isreal)
2. First car: Not yet
3. First real kiss: I t hink im wayyyy too young to have my first kiss
4. First screen name: Tootsiegurl566
5. First self purchased album:  Sex  pistols never mind the bollocks
6. First funeral: Hmmm my great grandpa
7. First pet: 2 hampsters i ran one over with my bike when i was mad at my mom      8. First piercing/tattoos: When i was five
9. First Credit Card: :(
10. First enemy: Almog, pre Kindergarden
11. First big trip: Dont remember
12. First music you remember hearing in your house: MADNESS :)

1. Last cigarette: I dont smoke                                                                                              2. Last car ride: Today
3. Last kiss: Well my dad but last kiss from a guy would have to be Evan
4. Last good cry: saturday...... </3
5. Last library book checked out: 3 years ago hehe .. A clockwork orange
6. Last movie seen in theatres: Anchorman funny shit!
7. Last beverage drink: Sunny d
8. Last food consumed:Ice cream
9. Last crush: Ryan...
10. Last phone call: Michael and Sean
11. Last time showered: Today                                                                                               12. Last shoes worn: My slip on black vans
13. Last item bought: Seven's jeans $109.00
14. Last annoyance: Alicia getting me all stivky with her ring pop                              15. Last time wanting to die: Last week Grrr... Ryan
16. Last time scolded: not recently
17. Who are your best friends:Alicia,Orr,Ryan,Hanna...

1. Do you do drugs: Tried merijuana but no more then that : :x
2. What kind of shampoo do you use: Bed head :D
3. What are you most scared of: Spiders
4. Where do you want to get married: England...                                                              5. What are you listening to right now: Sex pistols-No feelings
6. How many buddies are on right now: 34
7. What would you change about yourself: Everything,i suck!

1. Colors: Black
2. Foods: fast food
3. Girl names: Emma,darla,Shirley....
4. Boys names: Sid,Johnny,Strummer (alyssa hehe),Daniel, Harry
5. Subject in school: History
6. Animals: Owls,Horses,cats
7. Sports: skateboarding/snowboarding?
8. Perfume: OPIUM!!!
9. Cologne: dont know..

1. Given anyone a bath: Yeah... baby sisters
2. Smoked: Yea
3. Bungee jumped: Yep :)
4. Made yourself throw-up: Yup
5. Skinny dipped: .......
6. Been in love: Nope too young
7. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: Yep....Mr.Kurrs breath is horrible
8. Pictured your crush naked:  No
9. Seen your crush naked: .....^
10. Cried when someone died: yes
11. Lied: ONLY when i needed to
12. Fallen for your best friend: Yep... Ryan :)
13. Been rejected: No
14. Rejected someone: About 40583409580345809345 times
15. Used someone:  That is so low and i would never do that
16. Done something you regret:sadly : (

1. Clothes: Clash shirt jeans and vans
2. Music: sex pistols
3. Make-up: none
4. Annoyance: My mom
5. Smell: OPIUM!!!!
6. Favorite artist: Many things
7. Desktop picture: Andrei?!?!?! I forget to change it
8. Book you're reading: Where the red fern grows
9. Cd in player: Combat Rock

1. Understanding: sometimes
2. Open-minded: Very
3. Arrogant: arghh
4. Insecure: Recently
5. Interesting: Ask my friends
6. Hungry: Nope
7. Smart: uhhhhhh ?
8. Moody: Sorta
9. Hardworking: NO WAYY
10. Organized: Sometimes
11. Healthy: I havent had a blood test in 3 years :-D
12. Shy: Hmm... sometimes
13. Attractive: No, Im hideous
14. Bored easily: YEAAA
15. Responsible: NO :D
16. Obsessed: with family guy
17. Angry: Sometimes
18. Sad: SADly Yes
19. Disappointed: Most of the time
20. Happy: No
21. Hyper: Im sorry,what?
22. Trusting:  No.
23. Talkative: yes
24. Legal: No

1. Kill: Hillary Duff
2. Slap: My sister
4. Look like: Emma watson
5. Talk to offline: Sean!
6. Talk to online: Ryan

1. In the morning I am: Drowzy
2. All I need is: Family guy,Music,Computer, Friends,Ryan
4. I dream about: haha last night i had a dream that me and peter from family gu where in the holocaust                                                                                                                                              what music are you listening to right now?:sex pistols-EMI
have you ever farted @ the mall and blamed it on someone else?: what kind of question that and why would i remember?
have you ever gone skinny dipping?: no 
which animal is your favorite out of animal crackers?: BEARS!!
what shirt are you wearing right now?: *looks down* The clash 
does your dad wear a uniform to work?: no 
what color are your fingernails?: Black 
what's the name of your favorite stuffed animal?: Ernie
what decade do you wished you lived in?: 1970 
what celebrity do you loathe?: Hmmm what does loath mean ?
britney spears: so cool / so slutty?: Hmm not slutty and not cool but definatly dumb 
what's your favorite old school nickelodeon show?: The amanda show 
what's "bug juice"?: This show on disney channel :-D
at one time did you like any of these: spice girls, backsteet boys, n*sync?: Spice girls i had the best imatation of monster but where did it go?
if so, do you still like them?: id listen to them but im not into them as much
have you ever tried sumo wrestling?: no 
have you seen all the austin powers movies?: yes 
what carebear is your favorite?: wish bear
have you ever watched the smurfs?:YES!
what color is the lamp on your computer desk?: dark blue 
how many TV's do you have?: 3 
have you ever gotten an electrical shock?: yes 
have you ever dialed 911?: no 
what does your mom do for a job?: House wife 
do you love spngebob?: no 
what TV show do you live for?: FAMILY GUY
what brand are you absolute favorite jeans?: 7's 
do you like hats?: no 
what kind of sneakers do you have?: vans 
what kind of computer do you have?: compaq
what religion are you?: jewish 
do you go to church?: no 
have you ever worn fake eyelashes?: no 
do you have a family member that's a drag queen?: no 
is it you?: no how old do you want to be when you get married?: 24-26
how many kids do you want?: 2
what's your favorite computer game?: The sims
whatt gaming system(s) do you own (ex. playstation, x box)?: playstation 2 
how many games do you have for it?: 9583942857904385794875
do you own moon shoes?: no 
do you have a swingset?: yep
if so, what color are the swings?: Green
did you like LFO at one time?: Wtf?!?
did you just say "wtf?" to the question above?: Maybe.. 
do you go to the beach at leats once a week in the summer?: yes 
do you have a beach house?: no 
have you ever been out of the US?: yes 
have you ever been called a "butt nugget"?: SO WHAT?!?!
if so, by whom?: My imaginary friend bob 
do you find it gross that mcdonalds JUST STARTED using white meat?: yeah  thats soo racis where the hell did the black meat go to..
close your eyes & tell me what color you see.: Black
where do you think we go when we die?:  McDonalds.
whats your best "yo' mama" joke?: Its funny you ask,i just got a shirt that says yo momma jokes on it but my best one is your moms glasses are so thick she can see to the future
how many CD's do you own?: Hmm 29587349085704235820 
would you ever roll around in the snow w/ a bathing suit on?: Why do you want to know? so you could watch me? pssh
do you know who made this?: No, you shut up (lol hanna) 
have you ever watched a shirley temple movie?: yes 
have you ever ad a shirley temple at friendly's?: dude thats like my favo drink 
do you love dora the explorer?:No... her head is like HUUUUUGE
what music player do you have on your computer?: lime wire 
what is your dream pet?: Owl 
who do you have a huge crush on?: :*( Ryan. 
last question: did you find that this survey was quite random?: SHYA whered you come up with all these dumb quetions

Another random Picture

Yep thats me :) .....


<3 i missed you alicia and i had fun today!

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This is dedicated to the greatest friend ever! [17 Jul 2004|05:02pm]
[ mood | sore ]



welcome back!

<This is how we..>Collapse )

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</3 [14 Jul 2004|03:40pm]
[ mood | heart broken ]


Things havent been going easy lately.

Actually things have been going really bad,

 Lilah knows :]

 Ryan and me=KAPUT :(

Alyssa and maggie came over yesterday

 I miss Alicia's annoyiness haha

 I still like Ryan alot because im a great loser.

And Lilah is my god.

Random picturess  from lake vegas  since i know how to post pictures now im going crazyy  X_x

lol i lost so much weight since then hehe

Me my sister and cousin

Thats what happens when your aunt lets you burrow her camera and you feel like a photographer :) it is preety good eh?


 my dad in the lake??? lol Now thats what happens when a man in his 30's gets addicted to Wildboyz 




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[12 Jul 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | excited ]



Well, i took an audition for a movie 3 months ago and my agent jared just called and said im in !!! but just as a student at this school that they are shooting the movie at! IM SOOOO EXCITED AND HAPPY !!


See you later hollywooders :] 


A part of me is preety broken  and betrayed,

some of you guys know why but keep it down i dont wanna others to know


But, thanx to god (lilah abrams) i feel much better about it thank you babay

By the way i never said thank you to Alyssa for one of the greatest nights of my life so thank you alyssa darling your bat mitzvah was great !


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[11 Jul 2004|02:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey hey! Yesterday i went to alyssas bat mitzvah and had a blast!

I met El Magen The great and Stephanie which is a nunn :) They are both kickass,alicia left to aruba until the 17 .That means freedom :D lol

 , I got all excited because they put the clash at the bat mitzvah and i started screaming lol im such a wierdo.


Anchorman is a great movie

 Daniel radcliffe is the hottest guy in this universe

 Milk is white

 Pizza is good

shoes are awsome

 Ryan is cool

 i miss Lilah

 heart shaped boxes make me laugh


This makes me faint

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[06 Jul 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]



I might not update until the end of August because i need to work my ass off during summer school according to the bitch called DAD.


Anyway, yesterday i went to hannas and had loads of fun i was supposed to go to the galleria to see Ryan but Hannas folks wouldent take us, so instead we went to blockbuster and rented The Clockwork Orange! It's my fave movie its so awsome! yet psycho, lol alot of raping and nudity..


 On the fourth when alicia came we took pictures i dont know how to update them but ill try.. im making a new user picture right now! Here are the pics! if you cant see them im sorry i tried my best :)

The pictures are in lame quality cause my web cam is fucking gay!



Fly to AmsterdamCollapse )

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New layout! happy 4th anyway! [04 Jul 2004|01:33pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Howdy! New layout! Great huh? Props to Lilah!:)


Micheal is the bomb! me and him spend 959687350596809460987 hours on the phone everyday. Its so funny he playes guitar so well,its just amazing hes like the asian hendrix.


Here i am listening to Blondie drinking snapple and enjoying fourth of july being bored. Alicias on her way here...This is an Excellent time to have fun outside so while i do that please comment!


By the way, Alyssa your bat mitzvah is gonna be the BOMB! <3


Happy fourth of july

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Awsome day [01 Jul 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Hey,how you doin'?

Im great! things have been going fantastic in the last couple of days;Today i went to spiderman 2 with Michael ,Evan and Ryan id give it an 8 out of ten its great but there was something missing about it ,Its like our loved spidey only has one villain that was preety stupid :] lol enough about that!

Wow i havent seen Evan in the longest time ever! I miss that dude even though hes been acting like a freak lately but its cool hes back to normal now thanx to me and Ryan talking some sense into his thinker!

If you want to spend time of your precious life go watch it.

New user pic...bad huh?
I just inverted a pic that i took at the mall with alicia ich its horrible but the other one got on my nervs already..
ill change it as soon as i feel like it im lazy :p


Till then


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Who said love is the only thing in the air? [30 Jun 2004|12:46pm]
[ mood | In love ]

Sunday: Alicia,Brittany,Lilah,Janelle and me went to city walk and had the greatest times of our lives! Lilah got this cool Blondie shirt im so happy for her!
I didnt buy anything for myself.. i need to go to melrose URGENTLY!
I saw johnny rottens autograph there i almost died!obsession obsession obsession!!!!

Monday wasnt that interesting ..


So, Ryan Ccame over my house around 10 in the morning and we headed towards IHOP
for breakfast. After that we went to universal studios with my mom aunt sister and cousins. My mom let me and Ryan go by ourselfs,so then he made me go on the van helsing walk through i hate walkthroughs so much! I was terrfied in there :-/
Since i was scared ryan linked arms with me throughout the whole thing i had a weird feeling suddenly that i may love Ryan more then i think. On the last couple of days i realized hes almost everything to me..i sound crazy *__* but i cant help it!
Anyhow,after that we went on jurassic park and during the fall when they take a picture of you Ryan flicked the camera off so then he got banned from the ride :)it was hysterical..
The new mummy ride kicked arse!!!!!

Then Ryan came over my house and we chilled until 7 thats about it!


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Fun days [24 Jun 2004|10:13am]
[ mood | drained ]


Monday i was over alicia's she made me run with her to lose weight she thinks shes "fat"..

At the evening i went to see the terminal with Lilah,natalie,daliah,ryan daniel & Micheal (man i missed that dude!!) I highly reccomend that movie tom hanks owns!

Tuesday was boring.

Wednesday i went bowling with alicia and then we got ready for pizza and movie night at my place..Lilah arrived first and we taped a patch to my jacket.We couldent stop laughing and lets say it didnt really work =]

Then ryan came and said evan cant come cause he has acting classes... =/ and micheal didnt come cause hes scared of alicia

So anyhow lilah ryan and alicia showed up but its okay cause i only invited 5 people i wanted sherin to come to but she went to her friends house. But we had alot of fun me and Alicia fought again.. cause i blew a party popper on her cheek.. shes so mean sometimes
But then we said sorry to eachother and we loved eachother
now were in a fight again cause i went to the theaters w/o

Anyhow so i watched 50 first dates yesterday and alicia kept on telling my sister all my secrets.. and my sister told my mom im in deep shit but its okay .


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